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FREE Book! The Busy Girl's HOT Body Plan
The Complete Guide to Your Slimmest, Fittest, Sexiest Body in as Little as 4 Minutes a Day!
"Every excuse I've used to procrastinate in the past is in this book and quashed. It's as if the author has got into my head!! "  - Jodie Armstrong
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Introducing The Busy Girl's HOT Body Plan - The Complete Guide to Your Slimmest, Fittest, Sexiest Body in as Little as 4 Minutes a Day!
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Inside of This FREE Book, Here Are a Few of the Secrets That You'll Be given for FREE...
  • How many calories traditional exercise is actually burning, why you'd need to do it for at least 90 minutes before it even has a hope of making a difference, and what you should be focusing on instead (Hint: Most people completely sweep this vital law under the carpet and hope it doesn't apply to them) - Pg. 13
  • What most people do when they don't see results, and why it will produce even worse results instead of improving things! - Pg. 14
  • What people think is the most important key to exercise that burns fat, but why it's actually the exact opposite of what they should be doing! - Pg. 14
  • Why going on a diet is the absolute worst thing you can do to lose fat and why over 60% of people who do gain back more weight than they lost in the first place! - Pg. 16
  • How one tiny shift in your mindset can dramatically increase your chances of sticking to your plan when everyone around you is trying to sabotage you! - Pg. 18
  • The four stages of competence you need to go through that will take all of the thinking out of it and completely put your transformation on autopilot! - Pg. 19
  • The 5 P's that stop you from reaching for junk food, or finding yourself in a situation where you're at the mercy of a convenience store! - Pg. 21
  • Why Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly wears the same clothes every day, and how the reason behind it can stop you from making bad food choices! Pg. 22
  • How cutting down the length of time you spend working out can trigger your body to burn fat, not only after you work out, but while you sleep! - Pg. 26
  • How you can use a process I call "Success Stacking" to vastly increase the effectiveness of each part of your programme, by using synergy to put the pieces together! - Pg. 30
  • The three steps used by millionaires and successful people everywhere! - Pg. 36
  • How eating Twinkies helped one Professor of Nutrition lose nearly 2 stone, using one simple, but seemingly forgotten principle of weight loss! - Pg. 43
  • Why carbs aren't the Devil they're made out to be, why you should be eating them and what they actually do that's essential to getting the best fat burning results! - Pg. 46
  • The cold, hard truth about how alcohol affects weight loss, and how you can keep drinking it without halting your results! - Pg. 48
  • How to get the right portion size wherever, whenever! - Pg. 52
  • The best foods for fat loss broken down into 5 simple groups! - Pg. 55
  • How you can burn over 1,000 extra calories per week without doing any extra exercise- Pg. 60
  • How to make super simple meals, even if you don't know how to cook! - Pg. 62
  • How I made this one simple, but controversial tweak to the workouts we teach at our studio, and how it mean't people started getting 30% better results! - Pg. 72
  • Despite being the trendiest thing since Afros and flares right now, why HIIT isn't your best option for sculpting a lean, sexy body, and what you should be doing instead! - Pg. 77
  • Want to give a particular body part a boost? Tighter Tummy? Steely Buns? Want to do it in 4 minutes? These mini workouts will show you how! - Pg. 82
  • 5 simple rules you need to obey when putting together your workout schedule that can be the difference between OK results, and 'holy crap!' results! - Pg. 86
  • How to put together the perfect body toning-workouts with these plug-and-play templates! - Pg. 88
  • Use these 40 done-for-you plug-and-play workout modules to do anything from tighten and tone all over, to laser-target your trouble spots!Pg. 91 
  • Get 50 of the best do-anywhere fat-busting moves, with descriptions and photos! - Pg. 97
  • How to crank up your results 30 different ways! - Pg. 131
  • How to make your new bod last a lifetime, not just the summer, in two simple steps! - Pg. 140
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"Simple to follow exercises and meal ideas, and amazing inspirational stories to get you off the sofa and heading towards your own body beautiful" - Michelle P.
"Every excuse I've used to procrastinate in the past is in this book and quashed. It's as if Anthony has got into my head!" - Jodie A.
"To walk into my favourite clothes shop which I've always been slightly too big to enjoy their fashions, and have free rein to choose any outfit... Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
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And on a more honest note, having trained thousands of frustrated women, I see daily the effects of fad diets and extreme exercise plans...

You get up early, and first thing you do is step on the scales and see if the weight Gods have been good to you since yesterday.

You stare blearily at the number, which, if you're lucky, has budged a smidgen since yesterday.

Most likely it's stayed the same, or even gone up a little bit, which makes you sad and frustrated.

This then carries on and affects the rest of your day... :-(
NO-ONE should have to feel or live like that!

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